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Hospital Networking with RPCHO to facilitate patient referral in Community
The president of RPCHO, Dr BLAISE UHAGAZE in September 2016 after the Workshop with Hospital clinicians and Chief Nursing for Clinical placement and Hospital Networking with City of Kigali Hospitals that was facilitated by RPCHO and the Ministry of Health. According to him : « by improving partnership with hospitals, we are expecting in nearly future more reference from hospitals and we need to think on the response to the induced increasing (...) Read More....
Integration of Palliative Care in Rwanda
Since 2011, Rwanda is one of two countries in Africa to have a policy of palliative care. This is part of the government’s concern for the country to take over the health of the human person in his/her entirety. RPCHO has come to participate in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health through RBC and in partnership with Hospice Without Borders (HWB) and the ROROS Foundation, in order to promote palliative care, especially for the most (...) Read More....
New York Times : Dying Without Morphine
“Untreated cancer pain is a human disaster not unlike famine ; its victims are starving for relief. But as the Ugandan experience shows, there are easy-to-implement, cost-effective health care models that could rapidly deploy morphine to cancer patients around the world. As with all successful human rights movements, we need to put a face on the injustice of untreated cancer pain. Witnessing a clinic full of poor children with advanced (...) Read More....

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